Our Values - The D3 Way

Our principles and values

  1. The customer is Number 1
    1. The customer is at the heart of all that we do
    2. We respond promptly to all customer requests
    3. Our aim is for long term partnerships and trust
    4. Our customers feel well informed and loved by the whole team
  2. We do the right thing
    1. We only purchase from ethical sources and suppliers
    2. We do not offer or accept inducements or bribes whatsoever
    3. We wholeheartedly embrace diversity in the workplace
    4. We encourage our team to give something back to the world
  3. We are entrepreneurial and buccaneering
    1. We embrace and drive new ideas
    2. We constantly seek new markets, customers and products
  4. We operate with transparency, honesty and respect
    1. Mistakes are discussed openly, loved and learned from
    2. We encourage healthy debate and differences of opinion
    3. We respect and support each other in our work
  5. We do what we say we will do. “We keep our promises!”
    1. We complete work within agreed timeframes
    2. We demonstrate confidence in our abilities and those of our colleagues
  6. We are one team across the whole business
    1. Knowledge is shared and communicated widely
    2. Efficiencies and improvements are encouraged and rewarded
    3. We are genuinely pleased for colleagues’ successes
    4. Negativity saps energy. Offering solutions and suggestions, however, can be transformational
  1. We are competent, confident and professional
    1. On-job training is thorough and noticeable to clients
    2. We present ourselves with confidence
    3. Self-development and training is encouraged and supported
  2.  We produce our best work when we are having fun
    1. We celebrate and communicate our successes widely
    2. Operating with a smile is enjoyable and lowers stress
    3. Positivity is infectious – spread it around!