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D3 is a Green Leader - Actively interested, involved and taking action for the benefit of future generations

Certified to ISO14001 standard

We don’t sit on our laurels with regard to the environment, we are keen to play our part and take action to reduce our impact on the natural world.
Whilst we are certified to ISO14001 standard, we feel this standard only provides a method of stating environmental consideration. Therefore, D3 has become actively involved in the Weaver Programme, which provides a framework for taking environmental actions. We have set up an environmental action team and have taken actions in the following areas.

Carbon Footprint
We measure, monitor and reduce our carbon footprint.

Actions taken so far include swapping all indoor lighting to LEDs, agreeing a car fleet policy of hybrid or full electrical vehicles only, instaling solar power to the roof of our Hull building. We actively investigating the use of electric vans.

Waste Management
We reduce, reuse, recover and recycle business and operational waste by taking direct action and making changes within our supply chain to ensure supplier compliance wherever possible.
Separate waste bins by type are provided for colleagues to use in our sites.


Single-use Packaging
We minimise environmental contamination and waste by reducing the amount of single-use plastic and packaging before disposal.
We reuse as many cardboard boxes as possible and recycle whatever cannot be reused.

Sustainable Products
We improve the sustainability of our overall supply chain by introducing more sustainable products into your offering.
We constantly review sustainable products with our suppliers to ensure these can be offered to clients as an alternative to other standard items.

Social Responsibility
We create a positive social impact for our employees and our wider business community through engagement and action.

Every year, D3 donates products and donations to a variety of worthy causes in the region. Our team participate in events that also generate much needed cash to hospices, charities and clubs.

Woodland Trust
For the last 2 years, we have donated money from our sales of paper products to the Woodland Trust to plant trees in the UK. In 2020 the total number of trees planted was 1,448 over a space of 1.8 acres which is equivalent to 37 tennis courts. 

We can provide further information and certificates surrounding actions taken so far. Please call or email and we would be pleased to send details.

ERDF and Smart Energy
Our business is passionate about the environment! We have taken steps to reduce our energy consumption, lowering our carbon emissions for our loved local community. As a business we have invested in LED Lighting and Solar PV. This will make a huge difference to the environment and this is just the start of our sustainable journey.

To help us invest in these energy saving measures we had support from Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire. Through this we received a grant of £6,995.04 to enable us to make these fantastic changes.

The £8.5 million Smart Energy programme has been part funded by the European Regional Development fund. This is enabling small to medium businesses across the Humberside area invest in energy saving technology.